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Trade Log Profit & Loss Spreadsheet, Shares and Options

Trade Log Profit & Loss Spreadsheet, Shares and Options

Optimize your trade management using this comprehensive spreadsheet tool. Make decisions based on accurate records, projections, and information about your positions.


While you may buy and sell shares at a loss or profit and roll or adjust your options several times before they are assigned or closed, your brokerage firm probably only shows you the profit and loss of your current open trades.


Accurate records will help you maintain a longer view of your strategies.  With strategic insights, you can elevate your trade management experience.  



Key Features

  1. Track Trade Campaigns: Monitor and analyze your outcomes to gain valuable insight into the success of your trades.
  2. Calculate Annualized Returns: Take the guesswork out of your decisions with an apples to apples comparison of the option trades you are considering.
  3. Identify Breakeven Points: Know your breakeven point to make trade exit decisions and accurately determine your profits and losses.
  4. Prevent Overleveraging:  Mitigate risks by documenting the collateral requirements of your trades. Avoid overleveraging with a comprehensive, color-coded overview of your assets.


File Format and Convenience:

  • Excel Format (.xlsx): Spreadsheet ready for immediate download.

  • Comprehensive Instructions: You'll also automatically receive a detailed PDF guide via email. 

  • Google Drive Compatibility: If you prefer, you may import the file(s) to Google Drive for added flexibility.








    Analyze Your Option Trades with a Useful Spreadsheet

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