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Choose Your Starting Point 

Whether you're a novice investor, ready to explore options trading, or seeking strategies for long-term option campaigns, I'm here to support you every step of the way..


No hype, no false promises, no bait and switch tactics.  You get honest, quality instruction from an experienced teacher.  My aim is to empower you to become a knowledgeable, independent investor capable of confidently managing your own accounts.


You can trust me to stick with you on the journey.  


Novice Investors

Part One: Introduction to the Stock Market

We start at the very beginning.  I don’t assume prior knowledge. Get an overview understanding of the stock market and how it works. Learn to choose a broker and set up your first account.  I demystify the jargon so you can join the conversation.

Novice Investors

Part Two: Choosing and Buying Stocks and Funds

Learn to research more about stocks you might want to buy.  Get the basics of reading a stock chart.  Understand dividends and capital gains as you choose your first investment(s). Place a limit order to buy shares at the price you choose.​


Options 101A

Overview/Readiness: Understanding Options

  • Get familiar with options. 

  • Learn important terms and concepts.

  • Prepare for the trading strategies you’ll be learning next.

Options 101B

Selling Cash Secured Puts

  • Learn to sell puts for income.

  • Buy stocks you want to own at a discount.

  • Step by step instructions for selling your first put, from selection to expiration.


Options 101C

Selling Covered Calls

  • Get paid to choose your sale price for stock you already own.

  • Make extra cash while you wait for your stocks to appreciate.

  • Step by step instructions for selling your first call

Options Trade Management

For the Not-so-Novice Investor

Not every negative number in your account represents a loss.  Learn to keep track of multi-leg campaigns for informed decision-making. 

  • Calculate annualized returns,

  • Predict possible outcomes of your option trades. 

  • Manage your trades when things don’t go as you expect. 

  • Roll an option out to a later expiration date and/or a different strike price

  • Avoid assignment

  • Bring more cash into your account before you buy or sell stock..

  • Instructions for building a trade log spreadsheet 

  • Second edition book, published November, 2023, includes all new Chapter Six. 

  • Udemy course coming soon! 

Get Started Now.  Build your own, or save time with a ready-to-use spreadsheet.  ($7.50)

Just for Teens

Learn to Invest

  • Live, online classes offered through Outschool

  • Join a group or request a private tutorial.

  • Includes at least six months of access to a stock market simulator.

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