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Take Your Next Steps With Safe Options Trading Strategies

Bring more cash into your account with LESS risk than buying stock outright at current market prices.

Don't fall for hyped up schemes that promise to make you rich overnight.  I'll help you learn to boost your returns over time with safe options strategies.

Are you ready to learn to trade options?
If these statements are true of you,  join the program! 

  • I have a brokerage account I manage myself. 

  • I know how to buy and sell shares of stock. 

  • I already know how to use limit orders to set my buy and sell prices.

  • I have at least $5000 that I am ready to invest in a single stock or fund.

  • I want to actively manage my account.

  • I have the time to check my options positions at least once a week and place orders once or twice a month.  

  • I am patient and want to build my portfolio safely, over time.

  • I like to understand how things work.  Don’t just give me a fish; I want to learn to fish.  

If these statements are not yet true for you, please consider the Novice Investors course or buy the Novice Investor's book. Start trading options when you are a bit more experienced.


Options 101A

We cover the most important terms first and break the information into easily digestible bite-sized pieces! 

Learn Online at Udemy: 

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Learn to Trade Options

Learn to Trade Options

Play Video

Options 101B 
Sell Cash-Secured Puts 

Learn to sell puts for income. Buy stocks you want to own at a discount. Step by step instructions for selling your first put

Learn Online at Udemy: 

Options 101C 
Sell Covered Calls

Get paid to choose your sale price for stock you already own. Make extra cash while you wait for your stocks to appreciate. Step by step instructions for selling your first call

Learn online at Udemy:

Options 101D
 Trade Management

For the not-so-novice investor!


Decide whether to close, roll or wait as your option contract approaches expiration.  Generate ongoing income with your positions. 

Learn Online at Udemy: 

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Helping Hand

Live Consultation and Support

Help entering an order.

Discuss a trading strategy.

Ask questions.

"(Patricia) was amazing and her time was worth every minute. The experience was has motivated me to learn more and educate myself to be a better investor A++++++"

Not ready for options yet?  Check out our Novice Investors courses.


We start at the very beginning.  I prepare you with the knowledge and skills to open and manage your own brokerage account. Choose stocks and start investing in the stock market.

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