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Investing for Teens

Meet Patricia, Investing for Teens
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As an experienced teacher, I am seriously invested in the success of my students.


Learn to use a stock marked simulation program to practice buying and selling stocks and funds . I'll help you prepare for your financial future in the teen section of the novice investors program! 

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Is this class for you?

  • Are you thinking about the future and how you will lead an independent life?

  • Are you curious about the stock market?

  • Do you want to learn how to use your money to make more money

  • Would you like to practice with simulated funds before you put your real money on the line?

If you answer "yes", I hope to see you in class! 


What You Will Learn

  • Basic terminology about the stock market,

  • What the stock market is,

  • The difference between private and public corporations and individual stocks vs funds,

  • What an index is,

  • How dividends work.

  • How to research a stock

  • How to create and manage an investment portfolio 

  • How to monitor your returns 

  • Why your portfolio gains or loses value.  


How to Register

Live Zoom classes available at Outschool for ages 13-18.  Join a group or request an individual tutorial. 

Check for availability. New sections added regularly.


Students new to Outschool receive a $20 discount.   

Note:  Some courses meet weekly and some meet several days in one week.  Check for a schedule that works for your family. 

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Sunrise over Mountains

Class One

Investing Slide Show/presentation by teacher. Time for questions and discussion. Introduction to stock research. Choose a stock to research for homework.


  • Go over the list of terminology and review questions. Bring questions you are unsure about to the next class for discussion. 

  • Research your chosen stock to report back to the group.

Class Two

Go over questions/terminology, discuss stock research results, introduce Personal Finance Lab and provide login credentials for the investing challenge. 


  • Set up your portfolio and begin buying stocks and funds.


Class Three

Share portfolios and discuss investing plans. Question and answer session. Instructor feedback either during this class or as written follow-up.  

Coming Soon:

  • Investing Club.  Join a weekly chat with other teens to discuss your investments and get new ideas.

  • Using Options- How to safely sell puts and calls to boost your portfolio.

More About the Novice Investing for Teens Program

I learned a lot about the stock market and what dividends and mutual funds are.

Student from Chapel Hill, NC

Blue Skies


My name is Patricia Saylor

The Novice Investors Teen Program brings together my experience at Solterra Way Cottage School and Saylor Financial Fundamentals.   After years of teaching academic skills to teens, and investing skills to adults, my students let me know that teens want to learn to invest, too! 

I look forward to helping my young adult students learn this important life skill to prepare for their financial futures.    

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