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Learning with Patricia Saylor

Take care of yourself and those you love.  Grow your financial literacy and independence with an experienced, supportive teacher.  No gimmicks, hype or get rich quick schemes; I'll help you develop skills and knowledge to manage your own investments and take charge of your financial future.

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"With the take-aways from the book, I was able to open a brokerage account, fund it, and then set up options trading privileges."

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Learn to Invest
Adults and Teens

Learn your way

Crystal Salt

Teen Student


I learned what dividends and mutual funds are. 

Mountain Ridge

New in 2024
Take the Long View:
Manage Your Trades for Recurrent Income

Ring the register multiple times on your stock and ETF positions

with puts, calls, dividends, and capital gains

Trade Management

for the Not-so-Novice Investor

  • Do nothing, roll or close a postion

  • Chose strike prices and expiration dates

  • Calculate Annualized Returns

  • Identify Breakeven Points

  • Prevent Overleveraging

Trade Log Spreadsheet


Instant download xlsx file can also be used in Google Drive.  Detailed. step-by-step PDF instructions emailed immediately.

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1:1 Consultation and Support

Help entering an order.

Discuss a trading strategy.

Track trades with useful spreadsheet.

Ask questions.

"(Patricia) was amazing and her time was worth every minute. The experience was has motivated me to learn more and educate myself to be a better investor A++++++"

Helping Hand


I am a retired public education professional, now running my own teaching and learning business, and the mom of 3-6 children (depending on how you count them!)  Through more than 12 years of research and practice, I have become a knowledgeable, successful, careful, self-taught investor.  Although I wish I had started 30 years sooner, it's never too late!  I'd love to share my experience and help you get going.

for the whole elaborated story.  Bonus: Includes an MRI image of my (now gone) brain tumor and a drone shot of our Oak Island NC house.

Listen to my  interview  with Dave and Brandon on their 5-star rated podcast!

May 7, 2023

Novice Investors Blog 

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