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Invest in Yourself

Let me help you get started investing in the stock market. 

I specialize in beginners!

Is the Novice Investors Course Right for You? 


  • are "stock market curious,"

  • are a novice investor,

  • thinking about setting up a new account, 

  • want to confidently use and understand investing terminology,


Sign up for Part One

and become part of the conversation.


  • already have a brokerage account,

  • have at least $100 to start investing,

  • are ready to make better-informed decisions about your investment choices,

  • want to stop paying someone else to manage your portfolio,


Sign up for Parts One and Two

to take charge of your financial future.

Join an Online Class
or Read the Book

Check out the course previews and sign up for for an online course.   

Prefer the written word?  Buy the ebook!  Read the first two chapters to get started, then come back after a little experience to continue to grow your skills.  You'll find all five courses in one volume, with step by step instructions, terminology lists, comprehension questions and homework exercises for Novice Investors and Novice Option Traders.  


Now with Bonus Chapter Six, "Trade Management for the Not so Novice Investor."

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Part One: The Novice Investors Guide to the Stock Market

  • We start at the very beginning.  I don’t assume prior knowledge.

  • Overview understanding of the stock market and how it works,

  • How to choose a broker and set up your account,

  • Written Study Guide ​

    • Personal dictionary of terminology for you to review and define 

    • Comprehension questions to check for understanding

    • step-by-step instructions to open and fund your account

    • Suggestions for researching a stock you want to buy

Learn Online at Udemy


Exceptional and concise. Right on the point to explain terms and concepts well, the course is not so long you lose interest, and contains quizzes and assignments to review your understanding (optional but recommended). I'm taking this course as a refresher and am planning to take the next ones in sequence. Thank you Patricia!  (Udemy student)

Part Two: Novice Investors, Choosing and Buying Stocks and Funds

  • Research and read a stock chart,

  • Choose your first investment(s),

  • Learn to place an order to buy or sell shares at the price you choose.

  • Use notes and study materials.

Learn Online at Udemy

Learned so many definitions and concepts that greatly increased my understanding of investing. Feeling more confident.  (Udemy student)

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 Novice Options Traders Course

For experienced investors who are novice options traders

For those who are already comfortable buying and selling individual stocks, and who have at least $5000 to invest in a single position.

Read the checklist to see if you are ready to safely take things to the next level.

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